Care to Share: Rachel

My name is Jacquie M. I am a single mom struggling with a chronic and sometimes debilitating medical condition. I have raised 2 girls completely on my own, mostly under dire financial conditions. Never did I think that they would both have the opportunity to go to college. I am very proud of them both.

I'd like to talk a little about my youngest, Rachel. She had a tremendously difficult birth and i almost lost her. The medical staff informed me that her future looked very bleak. It's really a miracle that she survived. She faced many challenges in her early years and throughout school, learning differently than the other students. I would be crushed when she would come home frustrated about not understanding something at school, but she would work extra hard. She was sometimes at the end of harmful and cruel remarks but she persevered. She is a fighter. She fought her way out of the hospital, through physical therapy and then school. She is now in college studying in the Child and Youth Worker program. She chose this program because it resonated with her. She stands up against bullying. She is very caring and patient with children with disabilities. She is excellent at listening, understanding and problem solving when working with kids with behavioral problems. She will be working in a group home this summer where she finds she will get the richest experience working in a home setting and seeing how helping the kids can be very successful and rewarding.

I found the Care to Share program offered by Autorama, on line. I had to read the posting twice ! Could there still be such generosity out there in the world today ? I decided to apply for Rachel because working in her chosen field, transportation is vital, often requiring to be at multiple locations during the day. When Autorama responded, I was truly in shock. In speaking with them, and learning more about their FREE donation, i was exceedingly impressed with their desire to give back to the community. What an inspiration!

When i told Rachel that she had qualified, she was speechless and in disbelief ! A car for her was something that we could never dream of affording. This will be the answer to her being able to do the work that she loves so much. We are so thankful that Rachel has been chosen as a recipient of one of Autorama's Free Care to Share cars. This will make all the difference in the amount of children that she will be able to reach out to and help, giving back to the community where so much help is needed. This gift truly gives me peace of mind knowing that she now has all the tools she needs to start the next chapter in life.

Just knowing that there still are people and companies out there that want to help families and give back to their community is inspiring. Many thanks to everyone at Autorama for developing such a heartening program. Everybody that we met there was very welcoming. Their generosity will be carried forward with the work Rachel is dedicated in doing.

My name is Rachel F. I just wanted to thank everyone at Autorama for being selected as the first recipient of their Care to Share cars. I didn't even know that my mom had written in to enter me. I found out after the dealership responded to her email. I was super excited to hear that i was selected! The first thing I thought of was buying a Taylor Swift CD.

Walking through the dealership to get to the reveal, I was full of anticipation. This was really happening! When I saw the car with the balloons and the big red bow, I couldn't believe my eyes ! Everyone there was cheering and clapping, it was really exciting ! They couldn't have chosen a better car for me and the work I will be doing. A hatchback will make it so easy for me to access my supplies, games and activities that I need for the kids that I will be working with, plus, still have room for their backpacks when I need to take them places.

After 3 years of study, and late nights doing homework, a car was the only thing I was missing to do the work in this field. This has definitely made it possible to achieve my goal of working with kids who need support.

I grew up without a father, and, I was bullied from kindergarten through high school. Look at me now, I'm about to graduate from college and start my career helping others. I want to say......stand up for someone, lend a helping hand and give back when you can. It's very rewarding.

Everyone at Autorama was so nice to me. They were just as happy for me as I was excited ! When i was signing the ownership, one of the managers said "Stop....Make a wish! " .... and just then, my mom noticed a tiny dandelion fluffy seed floating down from the ceiling and landing on the desk. I will never forget the moment of holding an ownership for the first time.

Autorama giving back to the community with the Care to Share program extends beyond just providing transportation. It allows me to help others, making it such a valuable program. Now i can concentrate on my career instead of wondering how I can make it happen. Never give up on your dreams !

- Rachel

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