Care to Share - Free Cars for People In Need

In the fast pace environment that we live in, often times we passively overlook the essentials of life. We work so hard at achieving our personal goals that we forget to look beside us and extend that simple helping hand to our neighbors.

We, here at Autorama have been a part of the community for over 15 years and we would not have achieved what we have thus far without the support of our friends, family and neighbors alike. Giving back to our community has always been a part of what we do as a company but this year we decided to do something totally different. We decided to show our gratitude and lend a helping hand through the language we know best, cars. What if we just give you a car? What if we told you that there is always someone right next door who is willing to help you up when you fall down? After all, life is about give and take.

We are proud to introduce you to our new program, Care to Share: Free Cars for People in Need. Let's make a difference. Contact us today our visit our used car dealership in Toronto to learn more about our program.



"For a few months now, Steffie and her mother Pam have been going through a very difficult time in their lives especially with the sudden deterioration in health of their father and husband. Steffie and Pam have assumed a great responsibility of being the primary breadwinners for their family. As their Pastor and having known them for such a long time, I felt that it was necessary to help them in the best way I could. I discussed and consulted with my daughter LaSania to find a way in which we could help them. LaSania said she would find a way so I left it in her hands. After a week or so, LaSania returned to me with information regarding Autorama's Care to Share Program, a program where vehicles are donated to individuals in need. Steffie had previously expressed in her church testimony how difficult travelling had become since her father's illness. She had to take public transportation in the darkest hours of the morning and sometimes felt very unsafe doing so. Also, travelling to the father's doctor's appointments and even running regular errands around town had also become quite difficult due to the unreliability of her dad's vehicle to the point where it was no longer driveable. Essentially, the circumstances had changed dramatically

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Today I sit in my home with a "new to me" car in my driveway, thanks to the Care to Share program. When my brother in law, Jim told me about the program and said he was going to nominate me. I really didn't give it much thought; after all who gives away a car to a complete stranger. A couple of days later he received an email back asking if the 2 of us could come in and bring additional information. "This couldn't be real…could it?
In the past 6 months my family has experienced the kind of sadness that takes your breath away. Bob my husband of 35 years, father to our 4 sons became critically ill with a brain infection for the 2nd time in 7 years. In 24 hours he went from watching a hockey game to in the hospital on life support. The shock and grief was unbearable. Seven years ago the Dr's gave him less than a 1 percent to survive, this time they said he would not come back.

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My Story of Perseverance and Faith.
In August of 2008, I came to Canada with my daughter who was eight years old at the time. My plan was to acquire a better life and give my daughter more opportunity to excel in any area she wants to go. I tried to get job in my field or close to it and never materialize did so to survive I did any job possible to take care of my daughter and myself. It took a long time before my daughter and I was able to have a good life, but with the help of God we went through many, many struggles, some disappointment and few bad treatments. Had many nights of crying, praying and pleading with Jesus to help us. He finally delivered us and it is great to know that I struggle with some doubts but never give up because he must show my daughter that she can trust Him in her time of trouble. During my struggle and when we did not have a place to live, a kind couple from my church open their home to us. We also had other people who played a vital role in helping my daughter and I; we are grateful for all their help.

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Driving my new van...priceless!!!
I cannot explain how much stress has been released from my shoulders (and my entire body and mind!) now that I finally have the peace I needed of knowing that I do not have to worry anymore of "what if my car would break down today!"
I had ask God for a new vehicle, since my van was getting old and I was unable to repair it with my limited income from disability. I am a widow, a mother of three at home children, and also on disability, due to a chronic illness. Nine years ago I was diagnosed with a chronic illness that prevented me from maintaining a job, and two years later my husband had passed away due to lung cancer. We also had lost our home.

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Hi, my name is Mina, and my special adventure started when my eldest niece, Tarra wrote to Autorama a heartfelt letter about me. On Tuesday night I got a call from her telling me that I had won a car through Autorama's Care To Share program. At first, I thought she was joking. My old car had broken down last month and i could not afford to fix it, so winning a car would have been like a miracle because I had never won anything in my life and this was something i needed really badly. This year has been very hard for me and my family since I got diagnosed with major health issues that prevented me from working. When I realized this was for real I cried and the shock set in. On Friday me and my family went to pick up the car and when we walked in, all the staff at Autorama were lined up, clapping their hands with big smiles on their faces. They greeted us like long lost family, they were so happy for us, I could not believe how kind and generous they are, they even gave me flowers as if a car was not enough. They are so genuine and special. I have never been treated so royally in my whole life. This world needs more people like them, they changed my life and g

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The past few years have been extremely challenging for me; emotionally and financially. I'm a single mother already struggling to make ends meet but part of ensuring that, is getting to work on time, and in this city, it is very hard to function without being able to get around. Scheduling work and getting my daughter to school in time and making sure she gets picked up after school was already a challenge. mom passed away...and I am now taking care of my widowed father too. Being stuck at home made my father inactive and lethargic and his doctor was now worrying about his health. I worked as a supply staff in a childcare facility but the hours weren't enough and the income was never guaranteed.

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My heart is overflowing with so much gratitude right now cause of the thoughtfulness of my best friend, Victoria. I have been seeking and praying to God for a car and on July 17, 2015 He answered my prayers. My best friend was browsing the web and she came across a program called Care To Share which is provided by a dealership named Autorama. What this program does is it donates a free car to those who need a car but cannot afford to buy one. I am a single mother of two beautiful kids whom I am I very proud of. They have been my rock and my motivation to not give up. They have seen my struggles to provide for our family and they have also seen me cry many times. Every time I lose grip, my children would say the three words that makes any parent melt, "I love you". Without even knowing, they gave me the strength I needed to keep on pressing through. Words like: "mommy, it is okay don't cry. God is gonna take care of us"; or "this is just a test mommy don't worry." I thank God everyday for my two little blessings who are now 14 and 12.

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I live in a family of 3, my mother, brother and I, in the municipality of Toronto. My mother is the main provider of the family, so far, as I just finished college.
She works two jobs. Both of her jobs are at least 1.5 hours away by transit. She leaves at 5am and comes back at 10:30PM, 5 days a week. On top of that, she has to make sure that my brother and I are properly looked after. She cooks till 12 pm and gets only 4 hours of sleep.
I am heading to the Army in a month from now. I feel sorry for leaving her and my brother alone as I'm starting my career. It would mean the world if I could give my mother the privilege of comfort transport, before I leave. I always pray to God for a helping hand, and stumbling across an advertisement that offered a free car to people in need, seemed promising.

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My name is Jacquie M. I am a single mom struggling with a chronic and sometimes debilitating medical condition. I have raised 2 girls completely on my own, mostly under dire financial conditions. Never did I think that they would both have the opportunity to go to college. I am very proud of them both.
I'd like to talk a little about my youngest, Rachel. She had a tremendously difficult birth and i almost lost her. The medical staff informed me that her future looked very bleak. It's really a miracle that she survived. She faced many challenges in her early years and throughout school, learning differently than the other students. I would be crushed when she would come home frustrated about not understanding something at school, but she would work extra hard.

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